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Our Pledge To You

S-Force Dental Supply is not your mainstream company and can only be described as extraordinary!!

S-Force Dental Supply is a unique company in that we don't have the typical industry operating expenses, and we pass these savings on to you.  We have no administrative costs, no fleet of delivery vans, and no commissions paid to sales agents.  This allows us to sell our products directly to you at wholesale prices.  In addition we focus our resources on research and development, and we use only the finest ingredients in the industry during the manufacturing process.  We do not 'price shop' multiple vendors, then market the product as our own house brand just to enhance our bottom line.  In contrast our products are made with identical ingredients batch after batch from the same chemist so there are absolutely no variations in consistency.  You are guaranteed perfection in every impression!  We are unconditionally committed to customer satisfaction.  Our promise is to deliver the highest quality VPS dental impression material that is 100% consistent with every purchase while offering it at wholesale pricing direct to you. 

After trying my signature VPS Purple Force Impression Material, MADE IN THE USA I challenge you to find a similar product of this amazing quality for the price.  Once you do I am confident you will become a customer for life.  

Thank you and I sincerely appreciate your patronage,

Patrick Flavin - President

S-Force Dental Supply Sets Highest Standard In The Industry

A Special Thank You to Sylvester Stallone

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to my wife Laurie, sister Jennifer, and brother-in-law Sly for making Flavin's Health and Wellness a reality.  Our official launch was in January 2011. Photo was taken at The Planet Hollywood Resort, Las Vegas NV, October 2007.  Left to right: Sylvester Stallone, Laurie Flavin, Jennifer Flavin Stallone, Patrick Flavin   

Superior Quality at Wholesale Prices

We are known for offering only the finest quality products you will find anywhere at prices much lower than other suppliers.  Our VPS Impression Materials have all of the premium qualities you would expect: 100% accuracy yielding distortion / void free impressions, virtually no shrinkage, the highest tear strength available, and is pleasantly user friendly.  What sets our products apart from the rest are their advanced hydrophilic properties virtually eliminating "re-takes"  With our amazing products your 'first impression is a lasting impression'. **MSDS Data Safety Sheets  available upon request.

First Class Customer Service

We work in the dental care industry, just like you. We understand your value to us as our customer and we will do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations. We strive to keep your interests at the forefront and take all the time necessary to fulfill all your needs. 


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Do you have any questions about our products?  Please contact us if you would like the MSDS Data Safety Sheets emailed to your office.  Also please call to find out about our volume discounts.  You tell us what you would like to pay and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

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